NYC, NBC and the London 2012 Olympics

Olympic Hopeful City

Olympic Hopeful City

London 2012- The World Is Ready

Hello world, are you ready for the 2012 London Olympics

Opening ceremonies are just a few hours away depending on where in the world you are living. If London had not beat out New York in the bidding I would be reporting live from
Somewhere in New York City- can’t call that the middle of nowhere.

Anyway, I am excited about the London Olympics and I can’t wait to see Usain Bolt and the Jamaican contingent in addition to the USA Men’s Basketball team. The games are going to be epic and I am excited about it.

Mileposts Productions is preparing to stream live from New York sports bars, sidewalk cafes and everywhere there is a television set and people gathered to watch the Olympics. It is going to be fun. Sign up for my blog and also visit my website at so you can be kept informed.

Olympics 2012

I grew up when technology was a color television- that’s it. Nowadays babies have iPads, Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, Nook and all the latest gadgets. Do not be embarrassed if you’re and adult and you have to ask a three year old how to set up your cell phone or how to text. I was amazed recently when a 3 year old showed me his Nexus 7 and he was not just playing games on it- he was even texting his mother. He has the Bible on it and he has several other books. This is just amazing and guess what- this is the age for it. So what does that have to do with the London Olympics? A lot.

This London Olympics is going to be even more high tech than Beijing. Just looking at some of the new venues for swimming (The Sting Ray) and the Olympic Stadium is just amazing. Listen people, even if you are not a sports fan and don’t understand the difference between soccer and football, still watch. You will learn something. So tune in to NBC tonight at 7:30pm for the opening ceremony. It is going to be magical. Let’s all go for gold in everything we do. That means be your best self you can be.