Miami Heat Turns Up The Heat: Series Over

Beautiful Display

Beautiful Display

OKC Thunder Can’t RolI

Hello world,

Miami Heat are one win away from another NBA title and their first as the new look Big 3. My prediction is that the Miami Heat will be crowned NBA champions tomorrow night and Kevin Durant will have the dogs days of summer to grow up. The Heat is really on and Thunder just can’t roll. OKC Thunder was supposed to win game 4 but they really never played a balanced game. They went up 17 in the first quarter, but lost their fight as the game went on. Kevin Durant did not show up and he just need to go sit down.

Last night Russell Westbrook was amazing and was not afraid of the Heat. Kevin Durant has to wake up and realize that this is stage where Superstars shine. So far he is not shining at all and doesn’t seem to want it bad enough. Kevin Durant is playing like he is just happy to have beaten Dallas and Lakers. OKC is not digging out of this one because only one guy, Russell Westbrook, understands the urgency.

The Heat Is On

Lebron James is playing with blinkers on because he knows this is his year to get his first ring. With other teams getting better, with D Wade having frequent injuries, the Miami Heat’s window as composed is really closing faster than it opened. If Lebron James doesn’t win this year he might as well make another decision to go back to Cleveland. He knows this and that is why he is playing like a man with a mission. It’s time to give Lebron James the accolades he deserves. He will win one title and that will be tomorrow night. He deserves it. OKC Thunder had many opportunities that they let slip away and they cannot blame anyone but themselves.

Lebron Wants The NBA Title

Congratulations to Lebron James and the Miami Heat on winning the 2011-2012 NBA Championship. He wants it more than Kevin Durant and life has taught us, in the words of Jimmy Cliff, “You can get it if you really want, you can get it if you really want, You must try, try and try. You’ll succeed at last.” Please add your comments.