Graduation Photography

Graduation Class of 2012

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Graduation 2012 is in full swing. Universities and Colleges wrapped up their graduations yesterday. June marks the month for high schools, junior high, elementary and kindergarten graduations. Moms and dads and proud family members turn into paparazzis on that day and it is really fun to see. So how do you make sure you have graduation memories you can look back on and share with others? Hire somebody. Believe me, the graduates, even with cameras in hand will not be able to capture their day by themselves. Then, moms and dads and families need to be in the picture, so the thing to do is hire a photographer

Pay A Professional Photographer

You need to spend the money and hire a professional. Let me explain. I was the photographer at a university graduation on Thursday. It was held at a huge location in New York City. I got photos of the graduate that no parent got because I was the only one apart from members of the press who were in the area where the graduates lined up. I knew I wanted a picture of the graduate in the line so I inquired where they were lining up and I made my way there. That is how a professional photographer thinks.

The Must Shots

The professional photographer is there for one purpose- get the shots. Parents are there to clap and cheer and have fun. For example, I was at the back of the auditorium because I asked where the graduates would come in and so I got as close as I could and with my 300mm lens was able to pick up the graduate I was there to photograph. You hire someone because they are there for one purpose- get the must shots and get the interesting shots.

Anticipation -Key Photography Tip

The professional photographer anticipates the next move. I made my way up front in anticipation of the diplomas being handed out. As a result I was able to get a seat behind the graduating class. So I took a photo if the graduating class. That shot of the graduating class will make a backdrop for the album. You hire someone and pay them because they are thinking not just about getting the shots, but what they are going to do with the final product.

Nothing is wrong with doing it yourself, but a professional photographer is going to get shots the parents are not even thinking of (read yesterday’s blog for some tips) and that is the difference.

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