Why Blackberry Lost The Consumers

The Blackberry Dilema

Hello world,

Last week Blackberry’s parent company Research In Motion (RIM) stopped the motion by announcing that Blackberry phones had not been doing very well among consumers. Sales were sluggish and fell below their expectations. As a result they are going to focus on the business customers rather than consumers.


If you can recall- that was their original purpose. Whether you loved or hated Steve Jobs, he never allowed Apple to get away from its original purpose. They started out marketing to a particular demographics and they have not changed. They kept their product at a level where you would have to come to their level. I think Blackberry went wrong when they started marketing to consumers but not putting the services that consumers wanted.

Upgrade Me Blackberry

I had a Blackberry Curve and now I have a Blackberry Bold. It will soon be time for me to get an upgrade. Still I can’t watch some videos because the Blackberry does not use Adobe flash player. It still will not open certain word document files. So, why should I get another Blackberry?

The Future of Blackberry

I like the Blackberry except for those two drawbacks. I like the fact that I can edit my Word documents, Power Point, write my blogs, and post my tweets with ease. If you use Blackberry, please feel free to comment, tweet, or share if you like this blog.