New York Knicks Magic Show

Magic Show- Knicks Win

The NY KnicksMagic Show

Hello world,

Orlando Magic left their back of tricks in Orlando and came to New York City where the Knicks made them disappear. I wonder if Dwight Howard is regretting his signing. Could he have lost his Magic team? What is going on with the Knicks? They are 8-1 since D’Antoni skipped town. Carmelo Anthony said since the coaching change the players have all “locked in.” Are you all “locked in” as far as the New York Knickerbockers making the playoffs?

Knicks All Locked In

Are you all “locked in”
that the Knicks can win the Atlantic Division? They showed that they can beat Orlando, Philadelphia 76ers, Indiana Pacers, and Atlanta. Their real challengers in the East are Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, and Boston Celtics. They can beat all those teams at least once.

Orlando and Patrick Ewing

One would have thought the NY Knicks would have a hard time beating the Orlando Magic last night but the opposite was true. Then after the game somebody not happy that the Jets and Tim Tebow are the headlines as well as the news tried to stir up something. Patrick Ewing, Assistant coach with the Orlando Magic was asked if he would like to coach the Knicks. His response was yes and that now raises many questions. Why hasn’t anyone given Patrick Ewing a head coach job?

NBA Head Coaching- Sorority

I think he would make a great headcoach but NOT in New York. I love Patrick too much to see him booed and run out of town if they lose. Herb Williams had been on the bench forever- what’s going on? Please add your comments.