The New York Knicks Melo-Drama

Knicks Melo-Drama

New York Knicks basketball is back in sports news and back in NYC for the third time. The first time was when Amare Stoudamire took $100M to come here. He played his heart out and was almost MVP. Then Carmelo Anthony came and Amare lost his confidence. Then the second return was in February when
the undrafted, energetic, Harvard graduate basketball player named Jeremy Lin came off the NY Knicks bench and rocketted the Knicks to stardom. No matter what Lebron James and Dwayne Wade were doing in Miami, Linsanity was holding the headlines. Then something bad happened.


Jeremy Lin and others were given the green light to do what they wanted with the ball while the stars, Melo and Amare were forced to sit on the bench. Jeremy Lin is a point guard. That means he is the one who distributes the ball, not the one throwing up 30 shots. If that were the case why would they need Melo and Amare?

They did not all buy-in and Mike D’Antoni became the scapegoat. The scapegoat in Biblical times was the goat that all the sins of the people were placed on, the goat was then driven out of the city gates. If Carmelo Anthony is the one responsible for D’Antoni resigning, then he better prepare for his day because if he doesn’t take this team on his back and create WINSANITY- he will be driven out of the city gates.

Melo Drama That Is The New York Knicks

No one is making any excuses for the coach. They say you can’t teach old dog new tricks. I differ with that. I say, you can teach an old dog new tricks but it’s up to the old dog to learn. a great teacher has to be a great learner. D’Antoni refused to change and so he had to leave. The thing is that you have to play to the strength of your players. What you could do with a young Steve Nash and Carmelo Anthony eight years ago will not work now. Jeremy Lin is not Steve Nash. He lacks experience. He can play but he needs to watch and play. The starting line up for the New York Knicks every night (unless there is an injury) should be Amare, Carmelo, Chandler, Lin, and Novak. How did D’Antoni expect his stars to play up to par when Jeremy Lin was given the green light to do what he wanted. Clearly, there would be a reluctance on the part of the stars to make D’Antoni look good. If they played and he was winning, nothing would change.

Conspiracy Theory and the Knicks

Don’t be surprised if the New York Knickerbockers go on to win all the remaining 21 games of the season. They wanted D’Antoni out. He is too nice a man to name names, but he knew there were enemies in the camp. Carmelo Anthony now has the responsibility to play like the star he is and rule New York. Rule! Game On! Win!