Orlando Magic March Madness

March $adness orlando Magic

March Madness in the Magic Kingdom

Hello world

march Madness is on in so many ways. The weather is sheer madness. We are five days from Spring. And we have been in spring since January- this is March Madness.

Dwight Howard and Orlando Magic

Dwight Howard is staying in Orlando – the Magic Kingdom, for the remainder of this season and for another year. It makes no sense and Dwight Howard is going to realize this shortly. With. The Magic has no ability to surround him with better players. We are talking about Orlando. If you’ve been to Orlando, I can bet you went to Disney World. Orlando is not a big draw, that’s why Shaq left. Dwight Howard will never be a big name as he could’ve been had he come to New Jersey Nets.

Dwight is a nice lovable person and maybe his personality is suited for Orlando, but if he wants to win NBA championships I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

March Madness and the New Jersey Nets

As the March Madness continues in New Jersey, the Nets have lost out on a big bonanza. If Kris Humphries was still married to Kim Kardashian, he might be a big draw for Brooklyn, but I don’t know if he is enough to take to the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, New York. The Nets seem to be the jilted lover in this scenario with Dwight Howard. It is all over for the Nets because Knicks basketball is back.

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