The New York Knicks Sky Dive

New York Knicks In Free Fall

There is a problem with the New York Knicks and something has to give. What is the problem with the Knicks? Should Melo be traded? A coach is someone who does not necessarily have to be where you want to go, but has the skill to get you there. There is enough blame to go around from coach Mike D’Antoni, Jeremy Lin, Carmelo Anthony, and Amare. The point is that somebody has to buy-in. Everybody can’t be stubborn and want it their way. The question to the New York Knicks team is, Are You ALL IN?

Are you all in? People go to work and sweat to make their money and come to a game and see millionaires strolling along the court. The lowest paid New York Knick makes more money than many people who come to the game. Where is the sweat and hustle of the Knicks millionaires? NBA stars are making $250,000 PER GAME for 48 minutes and don’t get a rebound. That is wrong! Three rebounds in a game? Come on! The New York Knicks are robbing the fans.

Fire The Knicks Coach?

Fire the coach- Nonsense! Firing the coach is the easy way out and teams that fire the coach even when it’s clear the players are at fault, never win anything. Let me show you what I mean. When the Heat just came together last year there was a stretch when they were not doing well. Everyone was speculating that they would fire the coach
And Pat Riley would return to coaching. But that did not happen and the Heat made it to the NBA finals.

The New York</Knicks

The New York Knicks have just added new pieces up to a month ago. Amare was grieving, Carmelo was out with injury. So to be fair, the Knicks really haven’t had a chance to really get their act together. But, the Knicks need to do better. D’Antoni is the one who is not coming back next season, Carmelo needs to play harder. That’s it! You are an $85M man. Play hard! Amare – you are a $100M man- play hard.