iPad2 versus iPad 4G

March 16 Is iPad Day

Hello world,

There is so much going on in March and in particular, this week. On March 16 the new iPad becomes available. If you have an iPad2 you need to sell it now. Apple has already dropped the price of the iPad2 by $100 as they prepare for the new iPad-4G. The iPad-4G is awesome. The screen resolution is HD quality. That is great! Let the March Madness continue!

Kindle Your Fire

The Kindle Fire is really an awesome gadget and it would rival the iPad if it had a bigger screen. If it had a bigger screen Apple would probably be suing for trademark infringement. If you have neither a Kindle Fire nor an iPad2, it makes sense to save your money and get the new iPad-4G. The Kindle Fire is $199, the 16GB iPad-4G will sell for $499 and already the iPad2 has already dropped to $399. This is really March Madness for the consumer with spending money.