LINsanity Is Linspirational



Carmelo is All LIN

Hello world,

Carmelo Anthony can now play his true position. He was doing too many things and now with Jeremy Lin being a true point guard, Melo can play his own position and we will see the New York Knicks move up the charts and become a contender and no longer a pretender.

Carmelo Anthonyis being criticized unfairly because he was playing out of position. He had to be playing point guard, power forward, forward and everything in between. This is what Melo and Amare needed and now they have it. Let us give them a chance to play and then we can decide.

LINsanity with Precision

The biggest story in sports now is Linsanity. Even the New York Times is paying attention and there is so much going on that they don’t even have to make up anything. The truth of the matter is that you could not make this up. Jeremy Lin was cut by two teams who did not see his value and talent. Then when he got called up for the New York Knicks he was on the bench and two days away from being cut. In the second half of the Knicks versus Nets game he was ut in the game and he showed that he had what it took all along.

You Could Be The Next Jeremy Lin

Linsanity teaches us that if you prepare, do what you need to do and maintain a good attitude and spirit, even if you are despised, overlooked, undervalued, and are forgotten at the end of the bench of life, your opportunity will surely come. It may not come when you want it but it will come when you need it. NBA basketball is exciting again, New York Is buzzing, people are spending money and people are caught up in the feeling of euphoria. That is what can happen if you do not give up.