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Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is a full three days and about 14 hours away, depending on your part of the universe. There are many Valentine’s Day traditions and custom that people embrace. Some see it as a day for lovers and therefore they give gifts to their significant others. Some see it as a day to send a message to their significant other that they are moving on and so you keep hoping the phone will ring, you keep hoping he’ll ring the doorbell and surprise you, and little did you know it is over. So, ladies in particular, be wise about this Valentine’s Day coming up and don’t be caught off guard.

These three days leading up to Valentine’s Day are critical. Look for the signs he’s going to do a disappearing act. Don’t end up crying in your pillow on Valentine’s night. You are better than that. You are amazing. You are gifted. You bring more to the table than money. If he does a disappearing act on Valentine’s Day, don’t take him back the day after. If he can’t do some good deeds on Valentine’s Day, when is he going to do it?

Valentine’s Day and Flowers

Flowers and Valentine’s Day seem to go hand in hand. According to statistics the chocolate and flowers combination are biggest on Valentine’s Day. On Mother’s Day flowers beat Valentine’s Day hands down. Why is flowers such a popular gift item? Maybe it’s because they are so beautiful and smell so nice. Your guess is as good as mine, but, the florists are happy when February 14 rolls around.

Valentine’s Day is for Everyone

Some people feel that because they do not have a significant other they cannot enjoy Valentine’s Day. Listen, Valentine’s Day is for everybody. You can send your customers, your clients, friends, co-workers or anybody a Valentine’s Day card, greeting, or a gift. Love gives, and we really should not wait until Valentine’s Day to show and tell.

Valentine’s Day 2012 Gift Ideas

Now we come to the real meat of the matter. We know that we can give anybody a gift. We know flowers and chocolate are the go-to gifts, but what else is there? Jewelry is always great. It doesn’t have to be diamond, but diamond is great. It just has to be beautiful. How about perfume? Yes, there are some beautiful scents out there. Just go to the perfume counters of the big name stores and you will find something to please the most discriminating nose.

Mary Kay and Avon, have great gifts and perfumes. The department stores like Macy’s, JC Penny, Sears, Target, Kohls, Lord & Taylor, Victoria’s Secret and many more. Then there is theatre and dinner, cruises, a night at a nearby hotel, and many more creative ideas. This Valentine’s Day– really go out of the box and over the top. Happy Valentine’s Day, world!

Mary Kay Gifts

Mary Kay Gifts


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