Make 2012 Your Year

Believe It

Believe It

Make 2012 Your Year of Destiny

Hello world,

Happy New Year. We are now five days into 2012 and I hope you are glad you made it. Twelve represents many things in numerology. It is the number of divine order. Get ready for order in your house. Order in your life. 2012 is also a year of abundance. If you have order you will be able to walk in abundance. No more chaos, but order. What do you need in abundance this year? Then expect it. Do you need more money? Expect it! Do you need more work? Expect it! Do you need more favor with people? Expect it.

Make Some Plans for Your 2012

What do you want your 2012 to be like? Many people get frustrated with their lives from year to year simply because they expected things to just drop in their laps. Nothing is just going to drop in your lap if you are not prepared. What sort of year do you want to have? Then, plan it! Don’t go through 2012 saying, “Que sera, sera.” Don’t be afraid to plan big and ask big. A few years ago I went to a training and many companies set up their product table in the lobby of the building. I was the only one from my office and I wanted to take back something for everyone in my unit. So, I went to the hostess and I asked for 12 of the things. After the training was over I had to go back to her for something and before I could say anything, she said, “I remember you.” I said there are so many people here how did you remember me? She said, “because you asked big.”

Ask Big

Ask big! Nobody will remember you if you are like everybody else. Don’t waste your time trying to be someone else, take the effort to and be the best You. Don’t be concerned if the people you are sharing your goals with think you are crazy. They are the wrong people. Keep sharing until someone gets excited about it. Your goals might be unique to you in terms of its conception, but in the end it will not be for your benefit only. If nobody understands why you want to do what you want to do, don’t worry about them. Keep working towards your goal. When Noah was building the ark no one had ever seen rain.

Yes, You Will

Set aside time now to put your goals on paper. Write them down. What do you want to make happen in 2012. If you don’t have a plan nothing will work according to plan. The time you use now to set aside and write your vision down will be worth it in the months to come.