NEW YEAR- 5 Ways To Make Extra Money



Real Ways To Make Money at Home

Hello world,

The New Year is here and for many people the bills will be arriving or they have already arrived last week. Where is the money coming from is the big question? Here are some real things you can do from home.

    1.Sell something.You can join Ebay, Amazon, Mary Kay, and set up a store, take pictures of the shoes, clothes, toys, you have not looked at in 2-3 years.
    2.Exchange your time for money. Babysit, care for neighbors pets while they’re away.
    3.Bake. Bake cakes, cookies and sell to small offices.
    4.Cater.Do people praise your cooking? Cater your local community events. Supply lunch to a nearby garage or workplace.
    5. Host a Mary Kay party. Visit

    The good news is there is always something you can do to make some extra cash. Could you use an extra $50 per week? If you even make $100 a week, who is giving you $100 per week? So, get your ideas on paper today and make some extra money this year. I remember wishing I had an extra $100 to spend this Christmas. Let’s make some extra money in 2012.