New Year’s Eve 2011: Photography Tips for Times Square

Happy 2012

Happy New Year!

Tonight is a great opportunity to take pictures. People are in happy and they’re having fun and you will get some great pictures. Be camera ready. Here are some tips to bear in mind.

Photography Tips

    1. Put in fresh batteries in your camera and carry back up. Use rechargeable batteries if you can and take your charger. Even in Times Square you can run into Starbucks or Marriott Marquis Hotel and get a quick charge, but you won’t get any batteries at that time.
    2. Have a camera bag to protect your camera from the cold (if coming to Times Square). No backpacks for Times Square tonight.
    3. If you have a digital SLR camera try to narrow your gadgets down to two lenses. A telephoto and a wide angle lens. That’s it. You won’t have time to change lenses as you could miss some shots. 4. Keep a small notebook to keep track of pictures you want to take (especially on a trip).
    5. Memory cards. Better to take two of whatever size, e.g. 2×4 GB or 2×8 GB
    They’re quicker to upload than 1-8 GB with 1000 photos.

    6. If you are by yourself, don’t be afraid to ask someone to take your photograph.
    7. Keep your camera on automatic unless you really are quick with your manual settings. You don’t want to miss important shots.
    8. Take lots of photos and have fun.
    9. Print them when you get a chance so you can see your handy work.

I know you know all of those things, but even a pro forget important things. I saw a photographer hired for an event with no rechargeable batteries and once the batteries died that was it.

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