You Can Be Santa

Merry Christmas!

The holidays are upon us and with 6 days left for Christmas shopping you had better be prepared with your list. While many people are shopping and spending a lot of money there are some people who have made themselves sad, sick, depressed, hopeless because they don’t have money for shopping.

No one wants to be Ebenezer Scrooge, but my mother used to say, “hang your basket where you can reach it. In other words, don’t stress yourself to get gifts that you cannot afford. Even if you are using your credit card, if you don’t have the money in the budget to pay off the bill in January, then you could be up for a debt challenge. So here are some tips.</p

How Not To Be Scrooge

Make a budget: see how much money you really can put out to buy gifts. Remember a week later you have to pay rent/mortgage.

Make 2 lists for people who will get a gift. One list titled MUSTS and the other IF POSSIBLE.
The “Musts” are like the immediate family, the co-workers, the doctor, teacher, the friends who stood with you throughout the year. “If Possible” are for those who you’d love to give a gift.

Write beside each name a gift idea and how much you’re going to spend. For example
Must- Mama $50
Ben $10 and so on.

Take your list with you to the store. Check off each name as you find something for each person.

Buy practical things for people not expensive things. (Talking to people who feel bad because they don’t have much money to go shopping). Think of little things that people don’t normally buy for themselves but need. One year I gave my neighbor’s teenage son a big mug and to my surprise he was so happy he said, “Now I have my own mug.” The mug was about $10 from Starbucks. If you know someone with a camera maybe they need a pouch for the camera. That is probably $20. If you have teenagers give them a $10 card to iTunes. Get a pair of gloves, scarves, make-up set. These are small things but they are practical and people need them.

Make is personal. You should have a very good idea of the person’s taste and so on. Be observant. Someone gave me a pair of earrings one Christmas. My ears are not pierced, but the person never noticed. If someone is really into gadgets you can find accessories for the gadgets.

Be creative but sensible. Ask yourself, how do I feel about giving this gift? How would I feel receiving it? That will prevent you from giving things just too way out. Don’t give gifts that people have to call you and ask you what it is and what it’s for. That’s a way out gift.

Stick to your budget. If your budget is $100 stick to it. Only go over if you know now how you will make up the difference. If your budget is $100 and you have 10 people to give a gift you are looking at $10 per person. Say for instance you saw a gift for $15 and you know the person you have in mind needs it, you can buy it but, you have to know that for a week you will bypass the tea and donut to get back that money. Please, people these are just examples). The point is stick to your budget.

There is absolutely no reason why you cannot be Santa this Christmas. You can go out and enjoy the holiday and Christmas shopping just as if you had $1000. Surprise yourself. Share this blog if you found it helpful. This is really to kickstart your Christmas shopping ideas. Build on them, tweak them. Use them. Merry Christmas.