Black Friday Real Deals

Black and Blue Friday

Black Friday has a few more hours to go and by Cyber Monday we will know if businesses are now in the black. In business black is good.
So, what had a woman waiting under a tent in line with her two children a day before the store opened?

Getting a Six for a Nine

What is it that nade 10,000 people stand online on Thanksgiving night in Heralad Square, New York City to get into the store? They all wanted a good deal? Here are some deals I rounded up from different stores.

    Best Buy
    $199 Sharp 42″TV
    Asus Transformer $99
    Lenovo Dual Core 15.6″ 2GB 250GB
    Toshiba 15.6″ $329.99
    Nook $79

    $99 NOOK

    Crockpot for $19.99 from $44.99

Here is something you might not know, Macy’s in particular has been offering the same deals on their one day sales. So, don’t get trampled trying to get a crockpot for $19.99.

Small Business Saturday

Tomorrow is the day that American Express in particular is sponsoring Small Business Saturday. That means you should go online or in your local community and support the small businesses. Here are some online places to go