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Texas Rangers Lasso the Tigers

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The Texas Rangers lasso the Detroit Tigers and they are going to the World Series for the second year in a row. I believe this is where Yankee fans check out. Yankee fans wanted to see if the Tigers were really that fierce, but now we know and as a Yankee fan I am disgusted.

Had the Yankees scratched and clawed their way and play determined they would have been going to the
World Series.

Yankee Fans Disgusted

As a Yankee fan there is no point to watching anymore baseball anymore. Texas showed that the Tigers were not as big and bad as advertised. The Rangers kept them on the range and gored out their eyes 15-5. This was the team that Joe Girardi and his team could not beat. Too many of the Yankees have been there and done that and have the cap and T-shirt. They lost their hunger and thirst for another ring. Their fans wanted it more and as you know, the fans dint play the game. Congratulations to the Texas Rangers. They really played to win the game.