Rich NBA Players versus Poor NBA Owners



NBA in Jeopardy

The NBA is still under a lockout with no signs of the two sides reaching an agreement. Are the wealthy NBA players who are showing up at the hearings really looking out for those who are at the bottom of the totem pole? Somebody has to come to the table with a possible solution and not pointing fingers. Why doesn’t the players believe the owners are losing money? How many arenas are open after the 82 game season? Both sides need to recognize they need each other to survive. Until they come to the table with that mindset, they will only come with mistrust and arrogance.

The Players

The NBA players have to realize that for a long time the owners have dole out money to players who never bothered to show up and play to the best of their ability. That meant their teams never made the playoffs and so that was less revenue for the owners.

Of the 28 teams in the NBA and about 500 players, only about 50 players are really great and if we have them spread out among five or six teams, it means the other teams are really not making any money. It is not hard to imagine. At this point the players must realize that neither they nor the owners are the suffers, it’s the people who work at the arenas in all capacities. They don’t make millions of dollars. It’s time for basketball and enough with the press conferences.