Self-Publishing 101 (Part 2)


The Journal
By Heather Francis

Hello world,

Book Publishing 101 Part 2


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you will see me publicizing my books that I have published through Blurb mostly. I am doing that because I am testing how effective self-publishing is.  Let me start by saying that it is not hard to get your book online.  Most of the self-publishing companies are pretty good. The results you will get comes down to how much money you have, and that is really the cost of doing business. So far, I have tried Blurb and Lulu.  Here is the difference. Blurb gives you magnificent quality books.  The paper is bright and it is rich and smooth., but their base price is high.  In order to make any money you have to charge a lot.  Until they find a way to lower their base price, just be ready to lay out a lot of cash.   Also, at this time they do not do Ebooks but it is coming.  back with Blurb is that you do not get an (International Book Standard Number) ISBN, so you need your own.  That means your book cannot be sold in bookstores, but you can sell your books in Blurb’s bookstore.  You can also sell them from your website.

Print Books versus E-Books and EPubs

The other company I am working with is Lulu.  The main advantage of dealing with Lulu is that if you do not have an ISBN number they will give you one for your book and your book can be sold in bookstores. I must say that I was not happy with the book I got from Lulu.  The print was so small I needed a magnifying glass to read it.  Luckily, it is in Ebook form so maybe that explains the small print. It did not make sense to leave half the page blank and have the writing so small. May I missed something, so we will leave that alone. One major plus with Lulu is they also covert your document to EPub and PDF files.  The news nowadays  is all about EPub and I will explain EPub tomorrow, so make sure you subscribe today so you don’t miss it. I had one book converted to EPub and it will soon be in the iBookstore and on  We will see how long that takes.

The idea here is to be creative.  While your waiting on the big publishing company to offer you a million dollar contract you can help yourself.  Your beginning might be small but your latter shall be greater.  Steve Jobs died a billionaire, but he started small in his parents garage.  Mark Twain self-published Huckleberry Finn, and he walked door to door and sold it.  Self-publishing companies have come along and leveled the playing field.  Let’s go out there and play.  If you enjoyed this blog please share it.