No Thanks Yanks

Yankee Fans Wait For 28

Hello world,

The big news is that Yankee Stadium is dark today because the Yanks tanked. The New York Yankees missed a great opportunity last night to give their fans an October to remember. Last night the Bronx Bombers quit on their fans. What a disappointing season? Million dollar players showed no guts and allowed the Detroit Tigers to maul them in their own stadium. I bet Mr. Steinbrenner is turning in his grave.

In life as in sports when you get a chance you have to seize it. The Yankees had their chance last night and they let it slip away. No one knows when they will come this close again, and it is a shame that their fans believe in them more than they believed in themselves. When the game is on the line you have to play like there is no tomorrow. No guts no glory and that’s the Yankee story.


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