Avoid Survey and Focus Group Scams

Hello world,

So many people are out of work that many will do anything to get some money. Surveys are great ways to make money but it has to be with reputable companies. As a consumer advocate I’m always looking to post informative information on my blog. The Internet is full of seemingly great opportunities but it is also full of scams. I don’t know if this scam is new to you, but someone almost fell for it and told me.

It is about participating in a survey to test the Money Gram service. The company is using the name of a research company in Utah, but the person’s name is fictitious. The Utah company has received many calls so they have reported the matter to the FBI. This group uses Craig’s list to post their phony focus group/survey job opportunity. They say you will get 300 for participating in a sleep survey. When you apply they say that is full, but you can apply for another one with Money Gram. They send you a check and you must cash it and go to Money Gram and test the service. You are to see if staff is courteous etc. They give you an address where to wire the money and you must take out your 300 and send the rest. The catch is if you deposit the check in your account after a week or so, the check will bounce and your bank is going to come after you to pay back the money.

Apparently, they sent the checks out last week using USPS. Please be aware of this scam. As the saying goes, if it seems too good to be true it isn’t true. You can go to the Money Gram website and read more about this scam. They are also aware of it and have a warning to consumers. Like they always say, if it seems too good to be true it isn’t true. Sometimes you will get free things, but for the most part, the more extravagant the promise, the more likely it is not to be true. Be alert.