Philly Eagle Steaks- Not Nice!

San Francisco 49-ers down 20 -3 and mount an epic comeback against the so called “dream-team” that is the Philadelphia Eagles.Who is the leader in the Eagle’s locker room. Dream teams only work when they come together naturally. The first dream team in basketball with Magic, Jordan and others who won gold at the Olympics was a natural coming together. Johnny Cochrane’s team was a dream team that came together naturally. The Miami Heat’s dream team which came together amidst a debacle which was “The Decision” did not happen naturally.

Now we saw what the Eagles did once the lockout was over in the summer. They signed everybody with a big name who was available. Then along came the “experts” and all but game them the Lombardi trophy. But after four games they are 1-3. Vince Young named them “the dream team” and Michael Vick signed a $100M contract. What could possibly go wrong? The Eagles are under a curse for their treatment of Donavon McNabb and Kyle Kolb. For the Eagles this is no dream, no nightmare, but reality. This is really happening.