The Occupy Wall Street Protest

Occupy Wall Street Protestors

Occupy Wall Street Protestors

Is Wall Street Watching Main Street

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In the New York news and probably the world is a group of people under the banner of Occupy Wall Street. They are demonstrating against Wall Street greed. They are in main street holding up placards and banners, and yes, news media and tourists are there with cameras, but is Wall Street watching main street? Do you think they should stop now or should they keep going? Share your comments.

Wall Street

Wall Street


PhotoPlus Expo at Jacob Javits

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PhotoPlus Expo – first day at Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City is open. Come on down to 34th Street and 11th Avenue in New York City. So far the Canon booths and the Nikon booths are really swinging. More photos later.

World Series- Look Who’s Watching!

World Series

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What’s the big news in sports today? The World Series begins today between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers. The federal mediator, George Cohen had the NBA Owners and Players Association in a 16 hour meeting. That’s a good sign. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail. The Mediator is using a word that NBA players probably never heard before and it is calledcompromise.The NBA was on the verge of its own glory days this past season. The anticipation of the big three in Miami winning their first championship, the negative vibes that both Lebron James and Cavaliers owner felt for their actions, changes to the New York Knicks and Dallas Mavericks Winning the NBA title certainly was great momentum. If the parties don’t get their act together fast- the NBA could become like boxing.

Who’s Watching!

Now that the New York Yankees are out of the World Series I just watched one or two games during the divisional championship. There is no longer any interest. My question is who is going to be watching this World Series? I only remembered about World Series because I heard it on the news. The two teams are not teams we hear a lot about or see a lot of their games. Except in their local markets- how many people can name two players on the Cardinals team? If you have no rooting interest how much will you watch? Please share your comments here.

The NFL is also in the news as the Cincinnati Bengals finally traded Carson Palmer to the Oakland Raiders. Who is the winner and who is the looser? Share your opinion.

Texas Home on the Rangers

Wall Street

Wall Street

Texas Rangers Lasso the Tigers

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The Texas Rangers lasso the Detroit Tigers and they are going to the World Series for the second year in a row. I believe this is where Yankee fans check out. Yankee fans wanted to see if the Tigers were really that fierce, but now we know and as a Yankee fan I am disgusted.

Had the Yankees scratched and clawed their way and play determined they would have been going to the
World Series.

Yankee Fans Disgusted

As a Yankee fan there is no point to watching anymore baseball anymore. Texas showed that the Tigers were not as big and bad as advertised. The Rangers kept them on the range and gored out their eyes 15-5. This was the team that Joe Girardi and his team could not beat. Too many of the Yankees have been there and done that and have the cap and T-shirt. They lost their hunger and thirst for another ring. Their fans wanted it more and as you know, the fans dint play the game. Congratulations to the Texas Rangers. They really played to win the game.

Self-Publishing Secrets -Part I

Nowadays every turn you turn you hear the news about a new Kindle, or a Nook or some other eReader. On the trains people are reading from their iPads and Kindles. It is a great time for technology and for creative people.

The holidays are coming and many people will be giving e-Readers as gifts. That is great for the sellers of e-Readers and those who have a product to sell to those who have an eReader. That is where the publishing companies come in. I cannot begin to tell you the number of frustrated writers there are in America. They are waiting for a contract from some big publishing house and it is yet to happen. Big publishing houses like to go with proven authors. That’s why self-publishing has become so big for the first time author. So self-publishing is big business. Like anything in life it has advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that within a couple of days you can have a printed copy of your book for proofing.

One disadvantage is that with self-publishing you have a lot to do with the marketing and the sale of your book. Some companies will do this as part of a package. If you have the money it is worth it. You won’t have that headache. If you don’t have the money, then use social media to get the word out. You can also buy a few copies, sell those and then reinvest the profit. Today’s secret is that if you self-publish you have to do a lot of the leg work and you have to pay for it at the same time. Don’t let that stop you. I have a few self-published books and one is now available as an epub book in Apple’s iTunes store. So, don’t give up. There is a secret to everything in life. When you know it- it is no longer a secret. Click on the link