Boston Red Sox- Hey! Hey! Hey! Good-bye



Hello world,

Major League Baseball (MLB)was at its peak last night. What an amazing end to a topsy turvy season of baseball. It was epic! The big news in sports this morning is as follows: Boston Red Sox are out and that is just great. I am a New York Yankees fan. The Braves are out as they allowed the Philies to beat them. That doesn’t even shake the baseball world as Atlanta Braves has been missing the post season for a while. Later in the night, the New York Yankees gave up a 7-0 lead and Tampa Bay Rayslive to play another day. Now, the teams that gutted it out are moving on. For a Yankees fan all I can say about the Boston Red Sox is hey! Hey! Hey! Goodbye


Boston’s Free Fall

At the start of this season Boston Red Sox was predicted by experts to win it all. In early September the same experts said Boston was running away with the division and the Yankees would be the wild card. But the real experts are those that put on a uniform and go out and play the game. Yankees Nation are ready to get behind their team and support them to 28. One of the questions we have to ask as a sports fan is, what happened to the Boston Red Sox? What really happened? Thanks to Baltimore Orioles for WINNING and sending Boston Red Sox home. What should Yankee Nation be saying to Boston Red Sox? Na-na-naa naa, na- na naa- naa, hey, hey, hey, good-bye!

Good-Bye Boston Red Sox

The Rays pulled off an epic win by coming back from seven runs down to beat the Yankees and book their ticket to the post season as a wild card. That was sheer grit and determination. It just goes to show that even if the experts don’t pick you and even if you’re down in the valley, if you make up your mind to get up and out- you will. You have a say in your destiny. Today, learn from the Yankees, they were supposed to be the wild card, yet they won their division. You can learn from Tampa Bay Rays, they came out of nowhere and mowed Boston Red Sox, passed them and won the wild card spot. Never, never give up.