Fall Photography -Part 2

Signs of Fall

Signs of Fall

Hello world,


Fall season is here.

Nature is ready to put on a show. Make sure you take some time to really enjoy the rich beautiful colors of the trees and shrubs. I love fall season because of the rich vibrant colors of the leaves. it is breath-taking.

In New York there are great places to see the fall foliage. Central Park is one place. There is also the Adirondacks, the Taconic Parkway, Woodbury Commons, just to name a few. Fall is an awesome time to see how nature mixes and matches colors. You can get a few fashion tips on what colors go great together. Even if you are not a professional photographer, you can still go out and capture some beautiful pictures. Stack up on memory cards when you see them on sale. Don’t put all your pictures on one card. Well, get out there and get that postcard picture. Feel free to comment.

I just completed a book of 31 wisdom principles for success. It will soon be available on Apple’s IBookstore and on Barnes and Noble for Nook owners. I just found out that if you can download a digital reader from Adobe so you can read ePub books on your computer. The process took me a about 3 hours because it has to be formatted a certain way. You have to put in the Table of Contents using heading 1, heading 2 and heading 3, and you have to remove page numbers. Why? Because E-book readers can adjust the size of the font so they need free-flowing text. As I am going through the process of determining whether it is better to send your manuscript to a book publisher hoping you’ll get a contract or go with a print on demand publisher. It is really an interesting concept and when my book appears in the stores I will tell you exactly what to do.