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Tips For Fall Photography

The Rose

The Rose

Hello world,

Fall or Autumn is almost here and it will afford photographers an opportunity to get some real eye-popping photographs of the fall foliage. We could actually say that the leaf peepers are coming.

If you have been following this blog (thank you), then you realize that not much has been written about photography or video which is what my company does. Well, don’t worry. This blog will continue to be the way it is and Mileposts Productions Website will be launched by the end of this week. There you will be able to get photography tips and also view our gallery and order prints. It’s coming as sure as night follows day. That prompted me to just remind busy people that the leaves will be changing very soon and you can get some breath-taking photos if you are prepared. So my tip today is – make your camera like your ID and don’t leave home without it.

I was at an event last week and I left my camera home. Needless to say, I had an opportunity to take a picture with the head of a magazine publishing company, but I never had my camera. Thank God for camera phones– but as a professional photographer, that is not going to get you the best shot. So, take your camera with you. Also, your camera can just be a good point and shoot. Be prepared. Don’t just say, wow! What beautiful leaves and don’t have your camera to capture it. There are many online sites where you can sell stock photos. I can’t recommend any in particular, as I have not tried any. But the popular ones are IStock, Pond 5. You can Google stock photos.

In this blog anything recommend is something I have done or I am doing and I know it works. If I recommend a store or a service is because I use it and it works. Right now I am working on some articles on Online Publishing Companies.” I am actually going through the process with a few of the most popular ones and you will get the real scoop and I will walk you through what needs to be done.
Anyway, the word for now is be prepared to capture beautiful fall foliage.

Which state do you believe have the most amazing fall foliage? Post your comments.