Think Success and Be A Success Everyday

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Hello world,

Yesterday I started a new series of blogs based on my new book
Everyday Success. To get yesterday’s principle, read yesterday’s blog.


Principle number two is to think. We are not even going to talk about thinking big. Just think. Many people refuse to think things through. If I am to have everyday success I need to think everyday success thoughts. It cannot be that today I think I’m going to make it and tomorrow I am not even thinking about my goal or my dream or my vision.

You could call this brain storming also. You need a pen and notebook (not a piece of toilet tissue or napkin that you’re going to unintentionally throw away). When you are thinking about being a success and having a successful day, write down the thoughts that come to you. In order for me to be successful today I must think I am a success. I must think that success is possible. You are who and what you think you are. Thoughts are powerful so think good thoughts of success for you.

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