Everyday Success- The Book

Hello world,

My new book is out and ready for purchase.  It is a collection of 31 wisdom principles that are certain to bring you success.  It is really a way to foolproof your life.  If you have read my blogs, you will love this book as it your GPS navigation system to keep you on your road to destiny. Watch the preview below by clicking on the arrow on the book. Mouse over the square in the right hand corner of the box and you will be able to view in full screen mode. Your comments are welcome. This book is a limited edition so get your copy today.



The New York Yankees Are Rolling

Yankee City

The Yankees are really rolling and are four games over the Boston Red Sox. We know that there are people who just don’t like the Yankees, but they can’t stop the Yankees from winning. What do you say Charlie Sheen? WINNING! I expect the Yankees to get back to the World Series this October and win number 28. What are your thoughts? Please take the poll. I will be tweeting the results tomorrow. Make sure to follow me on Twitter.