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Book Launch

Hello world,

My new book titled Everyday Success was just launched today.  I had been telling you in previous blogs to watch for it.  Well it is here.  I am actually doing a test run with a publishing company called Blurb and I will see how it goes for my next set of articles on online publishing.  Online publishing is a big business but it can also take your money so be careful.  I published with Blurb before but it was a wedding book as I am also a photographer.

This is my first venture at something for retail so I hope it goes well.  You can preview the first 15 pages in the Blurb bookstore and then you can make your purchase also.  Click on this link and it will take you to the website.  Just put in the title Everyday Success and you will see my new book.  Please review and add your comments and make a purchase or tweet about it.  Thanks for your support.

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