9/11 A Day To Remember- Slideshow

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Hello world,

Click and watch the slide show. Today is 9/11 and there are activities and ceremonies all over the country.  Of course, the biggest event is in New York City.  Yesterday I was fortunate enough to get a glimpse of the sights and sounds.  In a time like this we just need to let the pictures speak.  Enjoy the slide show.  For all who suffered, may this be the last year it hurts so bad. 

Enjoy in full screen and invite your friends to take a look.  Thanks.  Read yesterday’s blog and you will understand the pictures today.  I wonder what the news will report on now that the memorial will be open to the public tomorrow.  Just remember you need a ticket for now.  I am doing the postaday2011.  So read my posts daily and take a step and subscribe.  Also watch for my e-book and book coming soon.