My 9/11 To Remember

9/11 Memorial

9/11 Memorial

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Today is September 10 and all the news is about 9/11 which is tomorrow. In New York City we are on high alert. In a little while I’m heading out with my camera to see what the city is like. From the news, things are really serious and there are long delays on bridges. I remember 9/11/2001 as if it were yesterday. I will give you a brief account and you will see why it’s ok if the train is late. A late train saved me as I was heading to the WTC that morning.

This is certainly a September to remember because it has been ten years since the attack. Everybody is asking where were you on September 11? Do you remember? Yes! I remember where I was. I saw the second lane hit the building nd I saw people jumping out the buildings. I was on my way to the World Trade Center to go to the bank. It was the day of the Primary elections for Mayor of NYC. I had on my sneakers and my dress up shoes in my bag. After work, I was supposed to attend a party at the Sheraton Hotel. Why was I going to the WTC? I was going to the bank so I could have some extra cash on me. My mom always say you need a taxi fare when you go out. I was to be at work at 9am. I was at Broadway Junction waiting for the J train that morning. I was early because I had to go to the bank at WTC and walk about 5 minutes to the building where I worked. Thank God the train was late so when it came I looked at my watch and I knew I would not have enough time to get to the World Trade Center and make it to the office on time. So, I said I would just go lunch time. If you are familiar with the J train- it runs over the Williamsburg Bridge and then goes into the tunnel. Just as we were about to enter the tunnel a woman on the train cellphone rang and they told her a plane hat hit the World trade Center. We then went into the tunnel and after about 5-10 minutes I was at Brooklyn Bridge- City Hall where I got off. When I came up the stairs I looked at the twin towers and it was a ball of fire then I saw another plane go write into the second tower. The crowd of people who stood outside the building where I worked though a pilot might have lost his way. We had no idea it was deliberate. I went into my building and went upstairs to my office. There were few colleagues in the office that morning because it was Mayoral Primary Election day, September 11, 2001. Some of my colleagues were out campaigning. I was assigned to be in the office. My train was late so I missed being in the World Trade Center and thus my life was spared. After about five minutes, the security came and told us we had to evacuate the building because terrorists had hit the World Trade Center. We came outside and stood looking at the buildings and that was when we saw people jumping out the buildings. Police told us to move up Center Street. We took off for dear life. Then we went up about Worth Street and when we looked back we saw the towers coming down. We started to run even faster. We were out of breath so we stopped at a gym and when we looked at the TV we saw the Pentagon being hit. We stood there in disbelief. After we heard the news police told us to keep walking. I had never walked that street before. I had no idea where I was going. We then came to a bridge and people said it was the 59th street bridge. But to get on the bridge we had to climb over a fence.

The men helped the ladies over and we jumped onto the road. We had to be careful because that might have been the only bridge open and cars were coming on it. We just kept walking. We ended up in Queens. So on 9/11 I walked from the foot of Brooklyn Bridge (Manhattan side) to Queens. I had no idea where I was going. I was just walking with the crowd. This is the first time I am writing it down, but I remember it as if it happened yesterday. 9/11 caused a September to remember. I will stop here for this blog. I did get home to Brooklyn after many hours of walking and finally hopping onto the last train out of Queens.

This weekend I have to turn off the TV as soon as they start with all the images again. For me it is too much to take. Yet, as traumatic as my 9/11 experiences were they cannot be compared to those who suffered in it and those families who are suffering through it. I empathize with all the families of the victims and I pray that after this tenth anniversary the pain will get less and less for everyone. Have a safe 9/11 and a great weekend.