How To Really Get Your Book Published

Hello world,

I am deviating from my usual hot topics today to talk a bit about getting your book published.  I once spoke with a woman who had received 300 rejection letters in the mail.  I spoke with another woman who was waiting for about five years to hear from a publishing house where she said she sent her manuscript.  I told her that if after five years she had not heard from the company, she should just move on with her life. That was about three years ago.

Seriously, if you have written material and you are still sending unsolicited manuscripts to publishing companies, you really have not jet caught up with the 21st century technologies.  Every time I ride the subway I do my unscientific survey of people who are reading traditional books, those listening to music and those with an e-reader or a device capable of reading Ebooks.  Most of the time, those listening to music are 40 percent, those reading a book about 10 percent, and those with e-readers, about 30 percent.  If you are seen in public with a CD player or even those DVD players people will think you just came from Jupiter.  The point is times and things are changing. So what does that have to do with you wanting to get published?  I am glad inquiring minds want to know.  Well, here it is.

You can self publish your book.  You can do it word or even download a template from the Internet and format your pages, write your content and then google “self publishing companies” and you will have a plethora of companies to choose from.  You can get one printed so you can check for errors and see what changes you want to make and then you order even 25 or 50 to do a test run. Set your price so you can make a profit.  So, if the cost to you is $12 per copy you can sell for $19 and make a tidy profit.  From there you can contact a traditional publishing company or you can sell them on your own website.  The main point of this article is to get you thinking how you can start where you are and not get discouraged before a traditional publishing house comes calling.  Please add your ideas or your comments.