Jets and NFL Football

The Jets Have It

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The New York Jets play tonight on CBS in prime time. That’s what it’s all about. The Jets belong in the prime time regardless of what anyone else thinks. Ever since Rex Ryan came to New York he made it clear that the Jets were about to wake up sleeping Giants. They have done that. People are not giving the Jets and Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez much credit because they forgot the New England Patriots were stealing the signals from the other teams including the Jets.

Has anyone noticed that since the scandal they haven’t won anything? What are your thoughts on the upcoming NFL football season and how do you think the Jets and the Patriots will do. Please leave your comments here.


2 thoughts on “Jets and NFL Football

  1. I think the scandal was/is overblown. I like the Pats for 12 wins and the Jets for 10 or 11. We all know how good Tom Brady is and there really aren’t any questions as far as personnell for the Patriots. Sanchez is the key for the Jets. He has to take the next step from game manager to reliable threat. Good post.
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    • Thanks for your comments. I don’t think the scandal was overblown. Since the New England Patriots have been caught they have not won anything. That’s because when they were stealing the other teams’ signals we all thought they were that great, but since the scandal and they know they are being watched- they haven’t won anything. Now, I am not saying they do not have a great future first ballot, Hall of Fame quarterback, all I am saying is that the other teams in the league who are playing by the rules have a chance to win.

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