Hurricane Irene is coming to America

Hurricane Irene and Disaster Preparedness

Hello world,

Hurricane Irene is on her way to New York City, but before she gets to New York she will be passing a number of cities on the way. Everyone needs to take it seriously. if you have travel plans please call your airline carrier. I experienced a severe hurricane and it is really scary. Please heed the warnings and make sure you are prepared.

Preparedness must not just be for the days of the hurricane but for days after. In New York City we are not used to hurricanes even though many New Yorkers might have experienced hurricanes whether on vacations or whether living elsewhere. Be prepared. Check for working flashlights. Get a battery operated radio. Keep a corded phone – don’t depend on cell phones only. I remember 9-11 when there was no cell phone service. Have canned foods like sardines and get the ones that you lift to open. Have bread, crackers, power bars. Make sure you have important documents in a plastic bag or plastic case so they don’t get wet. Above all have some cash on hand (even $100). ATM’s might not be working and that won’t help you.


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