Peyton Manning in Peyton Place

Hello world,

Peyton Manning has never missed the start of an National Football League (NFL) season. The NFL football season is a few weeks away, and it tells us many things, one of them is that summer is almost over. The next thing is that College football will be back on Saturdays very soon. As interesting as all those things are- they are not the news. The news is that the face of the National Football League (NFL). Peyton Manning might not start on September 11, when the Colts play Houston. The last time Peyton Manning did not start as quarterback he was playing at Tennessee University. The date was September 24, 1994. Peyton Manning is like Brett Favre. He is durable.

Can the Colts make it very far without Peyton Manning? They just signed journey man, Kerry Collins as insurance in case Peyton Manning cannot start. Collins is a veteran quarterback. He played very well in New York when he played for the NY Giants. He has been around the league a lot and played well for the Dolphins last season. So, he is no Mr. Manning, but he is experienced enough to play in Peyton’s Place. The question to Colts nation and football analysts is this- will Peyton Manning be ready for game one or will Collins have to lead the charge? Please share your comments.