It’s The Economy Stupid!

It’s the Economy!

Hello world,

I’ve missed a few days of posting as I was working on a book project. In a few days you will see more information about the project and your help will be needed to make it a success. Alright, enough about that. So how have you been doing? Today New York was shaken up by an earthquake. But thank God, all is well.

This is a very critical time in the society and indeed around the world. People have no jobs. When next you go shopping, after you have loaded your shopping cart, check to see how much of the labels say, “Made in American.” That is half our problem right there. We are not manufacturing anything anymore, so our factories have closed and people are out of work. How can banks survive when the working class people whom they’ve always pressuired with fees have no money to bank. Bank of America is laying off in the double digits of thousands of workers. What are they to do?

It’s the Economy stupid! One of the best ways to have some money is to be providing a recession proof service. People must eat and wear clothes. People want to look good. So, if you are out of a job – don’t panic. You must know something about something and see if you can work from home. It could be part-time until you get your legs back under you. There are many opportunities out there. There is Avon (, there is Amway (, Mary Kay (, among others. Click on the links and check them out and see if any is right for you.