Back To School Shopping Tips

Back to School Shopping

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In some states children are heading back to school in a week. In New York school reopens in about three and a half weeks. Not much time to get the books, pencils, clothes and all that it takes to get the children back to school. So this blog is to provide some tips so that the back to school shopping does not leave you penniless.

Tip number one is to take the list and leave the kids home. Taking the children will definitely cause you to spend more than you intended. If you have extra money, that’s fine, but if you’re on a budget, it might be best to just take the list and go.
<Another tip is to read the store flyers carefully to make sure the rebates are worth it. Not many people really benefit from the rebate because you pay the full price up front and when you fill out and return the rebate forms you get a check in the mail. May people don't fill out the rebate and the stores know this. Watch out for those rebates.

Buy Text Books Used

Another tip is wait until the first week of school to get the text books. You night be able to get a good deal from parents whose children just completed that grade. Also, you might be able to rent rather than buy. There is nothing with buying used text books.

In tomorrow’s blog we will look at back to school shopping for clothes. Many schools have their students wear uniform and that is great. It lessens the stress and anxiety of having to get name brand clothes. Do you have other ideas, please comment.


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