Wall Street and the US Credit Rating

cooling Down

cooling Down

The downgrade of the United States grade from triple A to double A+ by Standard and Poors of Friday seems to be a calculated and deliberate act. Yes, it matters that the US have a triple A rating on the world financial scene, but the truth of the matter is that even if the U.S. Rating goes down to single A, it is still the currency of the world.

Everyone wants the greenbacks despite what they say. We can bounce back if we want to. The first thing we need to do is start making things in America. The seal of approval for many people is still “made in America.”. That’s what President Obama needs to work on. Put Americans back to work by giving companies incentives to do business here and not ship everything abroad. I had to call Research In Motion the other day because I had a problem with an app on my Blackberry. I had no idea I was calling Canada. I had a problem with my laptop and the technician was in Singapore. We need to take a look at this issue if we are going to see a turn around in the US economy.


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