Congress Needs To Get The Jod Done Now

Can We Afford A Shutdown of the US Government

Hello world,

How is America really doing on the economic front? Are the people in Washington really going to let the givernment shut down? With thee days to go before America defaults on its debts, it is really an interesting situation that the country is in. People are punished, ridiculed, and are forced into bankruptcy when they can’t pay their bills, but when the government can’t pay theirs, they try to raise their debt ceiling.

Big businesses and government run into overspending problems and they are given options to work it out, but let you or I be late with our phone payment and the same big company is ready to turn off our service. Well, we wait with baited breaths to see what will happen on Tuesday. My guess is that the Democrats and Republicans in Washington will get the deal done by Monday. What do you think?