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Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan

Carlos Beltran is a Giant In More Ways Than One

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Carlos Beltran is a San Francisco Giant this morning. The New York Mets are two games over 500 and they have traded away one of their best players. Are they giving up on this season and rebuilding for next year?

Giant Carlos

Who benefits the most from this deal., Mets or Giants? Well, the Mets have a potentially great prospect coming and he will help as they rebuild. The Giants on the other hand have gotten a player to help then now. With the Diamondbacks not wilting in the summer heat, the Giants got the big bat they needed to help them win their division and probably head back to the World Series.

A Giant Step For Beltran

Is the trade of Carlos Beltran to the Giants a “giant” step for Beltran? If you are a Mets fan or a Giants fan- please share your thoughts? Are trades weakening the balance of power between the two divisions? Sometimes trades make one division stacked with all the good teams and another division has such bad teams that a division winner could win less than 100 games. Please add your comments.