NFL Lockout Is Over


Ready For Some Football

Hello world, NFL Football is back

The owners and players finally agree that it is better to have something to share than to have nothing at all. Finally, it makes sense to them that 50% of nothing is nothing. That means it is a good thing to have revenue to share, so don’t be foolhardy and throw away the goose that keeps laying the golden egg. Take for example what most people would have thought was a great NBA season, only to hear that more than half of the 28 NBA teams are losing money. The NBA is as popular as ever, yet majority of the teams are not even breaking even. That goes to show that the NFL has a good thing going on.

tomorrow starts the frenzy of free trade signing and workouts. It is going to be great for the fans. Who is keeping who and who is going where? Teams like the Jets with nearly a third of their roster to be signed or traded have the work cut out for them. Let’s get ready for tomorrow. Thanks NFL owners and players. We love you. Enjoy the frenzy.