Amy Winehouse: Dead at 27

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse:Gone Too Soon

Hello world,

Amy Winehouse is dead at age 27, and it is indeed a sad day for many. I was shocked when I learned this about 1:00pm today. Firstly, we offer condolences to her family and friends in London and around the world. What a talented young woman she was, but not kept on the straight and narrow path has led to a sad end. It is indeed sad because so many talented young people get addicted to drugs, and alcohol, and it has ruined them despite of their money and life of luxury. It just reminds me how important it is to live a life of purpose.

What Keeps You Focused

People of the world, we have to teach our young people how to handle success, how to stay humble, how to stay away from people who have no purpose for their lives, and how to have a bigger purpose in life than just themselves and their families. We take the case of Lindsay Lohan, again, another brilliant young actress with money and fame, and yet struggles to keep her life together. There has to be a purpose far greater than ourselves to keep us from foolishness and self-destructive behaviors. People with money and people without money get caught up into all sort of things. We need to be alert to the times.

Staying Alive

<It is a very difficult time for young people. There are just too many attractions and distractions. It is indeed hard to stay grounded, focused, and purposeful. To do so, they have to be prepared for the negative comments. Everyday we read about athletes and entertainers who made millions, and through improper advise, and through no convictions of their own, they lose it all. We on the other side looking on say, "If I just had 1 million I would know what to do with it. The truth is, it's not just about money. The poor sometimes get so depressed over their poverty that resort to drastic measures. What is needed is a purpose for life and then living a life of purpose. That can help young people especially, stay focused.

These are just some thoughts I had on the matter. What are yours? How can we prevent another “Amy Winehouse tragedy?