New York City Street Photography

Break The Rules

Know The Rules

The first rule is that you will get great pictures if you trust your instincts. Trusting your instincts will sometimes mean breaking the rules. Break the rule or thirds. Break the flash rules. Break the rules if you want an interesting shot especially of things that are photographed daily. For example, don’t stand at the same spot all the time to get a picture of the Empire State Building. Also take the same picture at different times of the day (this goes for buildings or if you have a model. You decide what you want to photograph and just do it. Go with your guts. Make it interesting. I find that approach to be better when doing street photography.

If you are alone you don’t have to go it alone. There are photography groups that meet and go on photo shoots. If you google it you will find something. Even when you know what you’re doing street photography can be a little intimidating. So, if you are not alone it will definitely boost your confidence. So. Get out there and start taking those great shot we have been waiting for.