Street Photography in New York City -Part 3

Summer Photography in New York City

First Things First -Location

Hello world,

This is the third in the series on Street Photography in NYC. New York City is a fabulous place to be any time of year. If you are a photographer or a tourist in New York City, you must have a camera. You could not ask for a better location. It could be point and shoot, one time use camera, or an expensive Mark II, you need a camera because there is so much going on all the time.

Get The Picture

Street photography is very interesting because you will never be in want of “models.” In Part 1 we talked about your approach to people. Go read it. In Part 2 we really focused on what to take on the photo shoot. The key thing is to travel light. Go read it for more tips. In Part 3 we want to focus on getting the right shot.

The first thing is to be prepared. Have your camera ready from home. When you get out the subway or off the tour bus your camera should be ready to go. If you have to do anything it should only be to attach the lens. This is important because you do not know what interesting and unique thing or person you will see. So be ready to take the picture.

Another thing to bear in mind is that you must try to get an interesting perspective. I was on a photo safari in the city and the group had about 65 people. We were all looking for the same things to photograph. Do you realize that after 30 photographs of the same shot you would get tired? So, you have to think of creative ways to take the photograph. Change you position. If everybody is at eye level you take the shot above eye level, or below eye level. Aim for creativity. It is possible.

Get up close and personal so you don’t have to rush the shot and also that you can ask the person to pose a little for you. You can direct them to do what you want them to do. Maybe turn their head one way, or sit or stand. People are more relaxed when you are interacting with them.

Get Going!

Get out there and start shooting. Get some great photographs. This is New York City- the capital of the world.


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