Street Photography NYC Way

Only in New York

Only in New York

Street Photography-Part 2

How To Take Great Photographs On The Street

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This is part 2 of the article on street photography in New York City. Yesterday’s article covered some simple protocols. For example, how to approach people. You don’t have to sneak up on people and when they catch you, you turn the camera away. No! You can go up politely and ask. Read the article. Today’s article is about what to take with you.

Travel Light

    You do not need a lot of gear.
    Camera -could be a good point and shoot. Otherwise take professional camera with one all round lens.
    External Flash– on camera.
    Mono pod– your two legs plus the mono pod gives you a tripod.
    Tools of the trade– memory card ( 4GB), battery pack.
    Mini notebook and pen.
    Diffuser– get a white one or two color. They are light and fold.

I was not very comfortable approaching people on the street and asking for their photograph. I was shy and I was afraid they would say no. One day in early fall I had on this fabulous brown coat and as I was walking down 34th Street and photographer just stooped down and took my picture. I was horrified. I did not want him taking my picture because he was a stranger. But once you approach people and tell them who you are (not your name- they don’t care and they won’t remember it. Just tell them you are a photographer) you will find them very receptive to you.


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