Street Photography in New York City

Taking It To The Streets of New York City

Street Photography in NYC

Hello world,

New York City is a place for fun photography especially in the summer. People are more relaxed and are willing to let you take their picture. There are some simple protocols to observe and you will get any shot you want. I was out on a street photo safari in lower Manhattan and it was a lot of fun. I had one “no” and only because the subject said she was not looking her best.

Nonetheless she agreed for me to take the shot with her back turn. This was great because I really was after her ice-cream truck, which was on the safari. So, here we go.

Do these and you will always get “yes”

    Introduce yourself as a photographer.
    Tell your reason for the photograph
    Be polite.
    Be pleasant
    Offer to e-mail them a copy of the photo
    Say, “Thank You!”

There you have it. Some tips to help make your street photography experience a memorable one.