Kobe Bryant No Longer Most Popula

Kobe Bryant Toppled

Kobe Bryant No Longer Number One

Kobe Bryant reigned as the number one most popular sports athlete for a long time. Now it is over. Even with the case of rape against him he managed to bounce back in the public’s image. A new list is out and to my surprise Kobe is tied at number 3 with Michael Jordan who retired from the game of basketball for more that five years. That just shows the magnitude and star power of MJ.

Well, according to this article, Derek Jeter is now the number 1 most popular sports athlete. Derek Jeter is a class act for sports. He is not just a New York Yankee sports icon, but he is a super hero. Sure he is slowing down a little, but who is still doing at 37 what they did at 17 and 27?

The issue though is how Lebron James is not in the top ten and how Kobe has lost a step or two. Does it have anything to do with Kobe and the Lakers not making it to the NBA championship as defending champions? Does Lebron James’ fall has to do with the way he left the Cleveland Cavaliers standing at the altar of basketball? I think so. What do you think?