Derek Jeter Silences His Critics Going Five For Five

Captain Clutch Hit Parade

Hello world,

Number 2, Derek Jeter, is number one and he silenced his critics with a masterpiece performance at Yankee Stadium yesterday. With over 48,000 fans filling the stadium Derek Jeter did what no one expected. He went five for five, his 3,000 hit was a home run, and then he won the game for the New York Yankees. Not only did he hit 3,000 he went three better. He now has 3,003 hits and Major League Baseballhas a bright star. That is how you silence your critics. Where are you Charlie Sheen- Winning!

Derek Jeter has done what no other Yankee had done and now he belongs to the exclusive 3,000 members only club. I had the opportunity to meet Derek Jeter a few years ago. He spoke about his family values, playing for the New York Yankees, and life in general. He is one of the most humble, polite, intelligent young man you will ever meet. I walked away refreshed and in awe. His accomplishment yesterday was historical and marks Derek Jeter as not only a great Yankee, but one of the best short stop ever. Congratulations to Derek Jeter and the Yankee nation.


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