Cheap Summer Vacations – Part Two

Cheap Summer Travels

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It is time to book those summer vacations if you have not already done so. Based on the news reports the country is still in a recession, so naturally money has to be carefully budgeted. For years some people have not had a vacation because they simply cannot afford one. Well, let’s see if we can put that myth to rest.

In the previous blog I outlined five ways to find those cheap vacations. Go read it. In this blog I will talk about Time shares. If you own one and you are not using it or making any money from it, then it’s time to take advantage of it. Many companies and hotel chains will offer you a free stay if you will give up two hours to tour their resort anywhere in the world.

Marriott vacations offer a 2hr preview for the family and so does Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa to mention two. Most times if you agree to the 2hr preview your family can stay for 3 days and 2 nights for a small amount and sometimes free. These are worth looking into. Also, if you know someone with a timeshare you could find out if they will rent it to you for a week. It will be cheaper than a hotel. Many have full refrigerators and stoves, so they are great if you have children.

Timeshares are wonderful ways to enjoy an inexpensive vacation. Explore and Enjoy!


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  1. In my experiences, sites like Expedia and Orbitz tend to be a bit pricer than the airline’s sites themselves. Do you have any tips on packing cheaper? We were able to get a great deal on luggage during black Friday sales and I just picked up a pair of cheap sunglasses like the ones here, but things like GPS and other travel products are really expensive, and add to the cost of a vacation.

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