Derek Jeter Is Six Hits Away

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Derek Jeter and the Naysayers

Hello world,

Derek Jeter is an all star and an iconic figure. He has brought credibility and stability to the New York Yankees and those armchair journalist need to leave him alone. Give him a chance to bounce back. He is Derek Jeter and we hold him to a higher standard because of what he has done over the years. If he had not done that in those years, the Yankees would not be where they are today. Leave Derek Jeter alone. He is only 37. When did a 37 year old becomes an old man?

Derek Jeter is not like he used to, but he is not the worst player on the team. If Derek was doing drugs and shooting stuff like Bonds, A-Rod, and others. Leave him alone. Let him reach 3,000 hits and get that monkey off his back and then we will see him move back up to batting over 300 drug free. Ride on Derek, the real fans love you and know